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Color is an important player in the film. It can be used to build an atmosphere, highlight characters, direct the viewer's eyes, hint at the future and more.

To achieve a perfect color result, fulfill your creative vision and give your project the look you dreamed of- 

We spread, as is customary in the world, the color work, throughout the entire production - starting from the stage of planning the piece, on the photo set, and after the end of the photos at the post house.

We gathered the most talented colorists, artists. 

We equipped our post house with the Ferrari of the color systems, it is Baselight from Filmlight. 

We were also treated to a DCI projector and Dolby Vision HDR.

Would you marry us, or what? 

Lock development

A preliminary session to design the color concept and formulate the look, which includes:

- Advice on choosing cameras, lenses and formats.

- tests in the field. 

- Forming the ShowLUT. 

DIT Information Management and Color

Our expert who arrives at the photo set with fast and advanced equipment and works closely with the photographer: 

- Unloading is secured during the photo shoot day.

- HG backup after the photo shoot day.

- Verifying the integrity of raw materials by playing samples.

- HG summary report for each shooting day.

- Live Grading based on CDL. 

No more camera cards that disappear and raise your blood pressure.. No more loss of materials due to various technical failures.. No more delays on the way to editing.. and no more block gaps between the photographed material and the final result.. _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Dailyization and preparation for editing

- Separate sound synchronization (if available) for the camera.

- Adding and managing metadata as needed, including color management information (ShowLUT+CDL)

- Producing proxy files for editing.

- Inserting the materials into the AVID project and arranging according to the editor's instructions (including synchronization between cameras). 

- FIRST LIGHT grade by colorist Dailies.

All that remains is to roll out a red carpet and parade your editor on it. 

Final color

- Conform the proxy files to camera raw files.

- Color work by our colorists. 

Online and final

- The final and approved image and sound connection.

- Dressing titles, roller, subtitles, translation (not including graphic design).

- Producing submission files for broadcast from the master sequence.

- Sending the master files according to the specifications of the transmitter.

- Backing up masters and related materials at the end of the project for LTO7 tapes.

And in short - we will make sure that your project arrives sampled and presented for distribution and broadcast in all media. 

Renting offline editing rooms

- comfortable and pleasant editing rooms. 

- Equipped with AVID MEDIA COMPOSER ULTIMATE or Premiere Pro system upon request.

- Connected to a central server, which allows simultaneous work in several rooms.

- Full technical support for the systems. 

The Tel Avivians among you, pay attention, so that you don't have to, God forbid, move too much - except for the rooms in Ramat Hayal, we opened a new room in the center of Tel Aviv - David Hachmi 8._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Supplementary services

To make the job of producing the post easier for you and to enable you to have minimal 'moving' and maximum peace and peace of mind - we have put together for you, under one roof, a variety of additional post services. 


We cooperate with sound studios, one of the best in Israel.

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